About Us

JSC “BIP Group”, founded in 2012 is a relatively young company but with a long history. We have been working in the PET industry for over 10 years. We represent several global companies that manufacture and produce pet food, toys, accessories and much more on a professional level. Their high-quality products are popular and valued by consumers. We have assembled a small but friendly and professional team, so we can offer our customers the highest quality services at competitive prices.


Our service excellence has satisfied companies and individuals, and the clientele is constantly growing. Our company is trusted and successfully cooperates with well-known companies throughout Europe.


BIP Group collaborates with more than 25 manufacturers of and directly serves more than 100 customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland. Our customers are specialized pet shops, retail market chains, veterinary clinics, online shops and more.


BIP Group is located in Vilnius (Lithuania). Our specialists will come to You and give advice or train employees in the proper use of products and pet food for dogs and cats.



  • A united team of professionals who advise on staff training, and help to choose the products to use;

  • The goods which meet the highest European and international standards;

  • The company works closely with manufacturers



BIP Group is Your right partner in the Baltic countries!!



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